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Word Finder Instructions

The following instructions explain how the word finder (a.k.a. Grabber) works with various characters.

Lowercase Letters

Lowercase letters are likely to appear in the results. They don’t have a special function.

Uppercase Letters

Uppercase letters must appear in the results.


The function of numbers depends on their placement as follows:

before or after uppercase letters: They define the maximum number of spaces before or after the uppercase letter they are adjacent to.

behind uppercase letters: They define the exact number of letters that appear in between the uppercase letters.

without uppercase letters: Numbers without given uppercase letters define the maximum word length.


The request 1GrabbE3r (in TWL) contains the following rules:
* G and E have to occur
* maximum 1 letter before G
* maximum 3 letters after E
* r can occur 0 to 2 times, a up to 1 time, etc.
The results are: grabber, gabber, ager, gear, age, gae

Word Lists

There are two different word-lists used in this project. Please click on the titles to learn more:
Tournament-Word-List (TWL)