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Answer WOODYWOODPECKER – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Flighty redhead with a distinct laughWOODYWOODPECKER 15
Red-headed toon with a loony laughWOODYWOODPECKER 15
Animated cartoon characterWOODYWOODPECKER 15
Drummer with a star on the Walk of FameWOODYWOODPECKER 15
Animated redheadWOODYWOODPECKER 15
Cartoon characterWOODYWOODPECKER 15
Longtime Thanksgiving parade toon balloonWOODYWOODPECKER 15
Walter Lantz characterWOODYWOODPECKER 15
Walter Lantz creationWOODYWOODPECKER 15
Grace Stafford supplied his voiceWOODYWOODPECKER 15
Grace Stafford was his mouthpieceWOODYWOODPECKER 15

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