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Answer WISH – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"___ you were here!"WISH 4
_____ listWISH 4
6 Down offeringWISH 4
DesireWISH 4
"Father to the thought"WISH 4
*Genie's offeringWISH 4
"Peace on earth," e.g.WISH 4
"You ___!" ("Yeah, right!")WISH 4
"When You ___ Upon a Star"WISH 4
One may be made after blowing out candlesWISH 4
Something made before blowing out candlesWISH 4
Words after a splash in a fountain, maybeWISH 4
You may break a bone after you've made oneWISH 4
Action before blowing out the candlesWISH 4
Coin-in-the-fountain accompanierWISH 4
It's often made with the eyes closedWISH 4
Something to make on one's birthdayWISH 4
Take advantage of a falling starWISH 4
Thought before blowing out the candlesWISH 4
You make it with your eyes closed with 4 letters
You make it with your eyes closedWISH 4
You may break a bone after making itWISH 4
You may close your eyes when making itWISH 4
A stargazer may make oneWISH 4
Birthday party traditionWISH 4
Broken bone follower, maybeWISH 4
Candle-blower-outer's thoughtWISH 4
Fairy godmother's offeringWISH 4
It may be made by a stargazerWISH 4
It's made as candles go outWISH 4
It's made at a birthday partyWISH 4
It's made before blowingWISH 4
One may accompany a coin tossWISH 4
Penny-in-the-well thoughtWISH 4
Prelim to bone-breaking?WISH 4
Prepare to break a bone?WISH 4
Something made on a star?WISH 4
What a genie might grantWISH 4
Becoming a real boy, for PinocchioWISH 4
Birthday-cake mustWISH 4
Birthday creationWISH 4
Birthday thoughtWISH 4
Bone or list precederWISH 4
Candle blower's secretWISH 4
Candleblower's thoughtWISH 4
Candle blowing precedorWISH 4
Expression of desireWISH 4
Fingers-crossed thoughtWISH 4
Fountain-coin productWISH 4
Fountain request?WISH 4

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