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Answer WISECRACK – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Witticism ... or, literally, a description of the answer to each of the four starred clues?WISECRACK 9
Sarcastic comebackWISECRACK 9
Sarcastic remarkWISECRACK 9
Snide remark, perhapsWISECRACK 9
Aleck's metierWISECRACK 9
Clever commentWISECRACK 9
Comeback, maybeWISECRACK 9
Comic's remarkWISECRACK 9
Flippant remarkWISECRACK 9
Funny remarkWISECRACK 9
Smart remark?WISECRACK 9
WitticismWISECRACK 9

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