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Answer WEBB – Crossword Puzzle Solver

5'7" dunk master SpudWEBB 4
''Up, Up and Away'' composerWEBB 4
"Just the facts, ma'am" speakerWEBB 4
"Dragnet" creatorWEBB 4
"Dragnet" creator-starWEBB 4
"Galveston" songwriter JimmyWEBB 4
5'7" Spud who won the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk contestWEBB 4
"Dragnet" actor JackWEBB 4
"Dragnet" creator JackWEBB 4
"Just the facts" JackWEBB 4
"Dragnet" actorWEBB 4
'Dragnet' starWEBB 4
'Dragnet' star JackWEBB 4
5'7" Spud who won an NBA Slam Dunk contestWEBB 4
"Our Town" brideWEBB 4
"Our Town" family nameWEBB 4
"Up, Up and Away" writer JimmyWEBB 4
'MacArthur Park' composer JimmyWEBB 4
"MacArthur Park" songwriter JimmyWEBB 4
Friday on the airWEBB 4
Friday portrayer with 4 letters
Friday portrayerWEBB 4
Friday's portrayerWEBB 4
Chick ___, who played "Stompin' at the Savoy"WEBB 4
Good last name for an Internet entrepreneurWEBB 4
Jack who played FridayWEBB 4
Spud who won the 1986 Slam Dunk Contest with a "180-degree reverse two-handed strawberry jam"WEBB 4
Jimmy who wrote "Galveston" and "MacArthur Park"WEBB 4
Friday portrayer on "Dragnet"WEBB 4
Jimmy who wrote 'MacArthur Park'WEBB 4
Spud once of the NBAWEBB 4
Memorable actor of "Dragnet" fameWEBB 4
Jack who played Sgt. Friday on "Dragnet"WEBB 4
Jack who played Sgt. FridayWEBB 4
Jack who played Sgt. Joe FridayWEBB 4
Friday playerWEBB 4
Jack who said "Just the facts, ma'am"WEBB 4
Pro golfer KarrieWEBB 4
Supermodel VeronicaWEBB 4
Actor-producer JackWEBB 4
Jim who wrote "MacArthur Park"WEBB 4
Emily of "Our Town"WEBB 4
Friday on TVWEBB 4
Sergeant Friday portrayerWEBB 4
Cinema's CliftonWEBB 4
Jack of "Dragnet"WEBB 4
Virginia Senator JamesWEBB 4
Jack or CliftonWEBB 4
Clifton of "Laura"WEBB 4
Clifton or JackWEBB 4
Jack or SpudWEBB 4

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