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Answer WACO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1966 film western set in TexasWACO 4
1993 standoff siteWACO 4
1993 news siteWACO 4
1993 Texas standoff cityWACO 4
"Cross the Brazos at ___" (1964 country hit)WACO 4
1966 Howard Keel westernWACO 4
City with a radio station that has the same call letters as the city's nameWACO 4
Western city or its radio stationWACO 4
Texas location of the erstwhile Mount Carmel CenterWACO 4
City by a lake of the same nameWACO 4
City in the news in 1993WACO 4
Nearest major airport to Bush's Crawford ranchWACO 4
City that's home to the Dr Pepper MuseumWACO 4
Site of a horrific 1993 ATF siege and also the Dr Pepper MuseumWACO 4
Baylor bailiwickWACO 4
Site of a 1993 siegeWACO 4
Texas city or lakeWACO 4
City named for an Indian tribeWACO 4
Texas city on the BrazosWACO 4
Texas town on the BrazosWACO 4
Alt-country band The ___ Brothers with 4 letters
Alt-country band The ___ BrothersWACO 4
Site of the 1993 Branch Davidian siegeWACO 4
Texas city where Dr. Pepper was createdWACO 4
Texas city where Dr Pepper was createdWACO 4
Texas city south of DallasWACO 4
City midway between Austin and DallasWACO 4
Title name of a Howard Keel WesternWACO 4
Title town of a Howard Keel WesternWACO 4
Baylor is hereWACO 4
Baylor's cityWACO 4
Baylor's homeWACO 4
Baylor's localeWACO 4
Baylor's siteWACO 4
Texas cityWACO 4
Texas townWACO 4
Tex. cityWACO 4
So-called "Heart of Texas"WACO 4
City in TexasWACO 4
City of TexasWACO 4
Texas-inspired Charlie Daniels song?WACO 4
City where Dr Pepper originated, 1885WACO 4
City where Dr Pepper was inventedWACO 4
Only major U.S. city with a radio station whose call letters spell the city's nameWACO 4
City near Crawford, Tex.WACO 4
City south of DallasWACO 4
City south of Fort WorthWACO 4
Texas home of Baylor UniversityWACO 4
Chisholm Trail cityWACO 4
Chisholm Trail townWACO 4
Siter of Baylor U.WACO 4

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