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Answer VIOLA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ d'amoreVIOLA 5
Pansy?VIOLA 5
"Twelfth Night" woman in men's clothesVIOLA 5
"Twelfth Night" characterVIOLA 5
"Twelfth Night" cross-dresserVIOLA 5
"Twelfth Night" protagonistVIOLA 5
'Twelfth Night' heroineVIOLA 5
"Twelfth Night" ladyVIOLA 5
"Twelfth Night" roleVIOLA 5
"Twelfth Night" twinVIOLA 5
Stringed instrument (and butt of many musician jokes)VIOLA 5
Bowed stringed instrument associated with musicians Lionel Tertis and Emanuel VardiVIOLA 5
Music for it is written largely in alto clefVIOLA 5
Something that might be tucked under the chinVIOLA 5
Four-stringed orchestral instrumentVIOLA 5
Member of the chordophone familyVIOLA 5
Chamber group instrumentVIOLA 5
Chamber music instrumentVIOLA 5
Double bass's smaller cousinVIOLA 5
Four-stringed instrumentVIOLA 5
Instrument played with a bow with 5 letters
Instrument played with a bowVIOLA 5
It comes with strings attachedVIOLA 5
It has four strings attachedVIOLA 5
It's tucked under the chinVIOLA 5
It takes a bow in an orchestraVIOLA 5
Member of a string quartetVIOLA 5
Part of a string quartetVIOLA 5
Small cousin of the celloVIOLA 5
Small, stringed instrumentVIOLA 5
String quartet instrumentVIOLA 5
Cesario's alter ego in "Twelfth Night"VIOLA 5
A symphonic stringVIOLA 5
Bowed instrumentVIOLA 5
Cello's smaller cousinVIOLA 5
Chamber instrumentVIOLA 5
Cousin of a celloVIOLA 5
Dvorak's instrumentVIOLA 5
Fiddle's big brotherVIOLA 5
Hindemith's instrumentVIOLA 5
Kind of concertoVIOLA 5
Member of the stringsVIOLA 5
Musical instrument?VIOLA 5
One of the stringsVIOLA 5
Orchestra instrumentVIOLA 5
Orchestra memberVIOLA 5
Sebastian's sisterVIOLA 5
Sebastian's twinVIOLA 5
Shakespearean heroineVIOLA 5
Shakespearean roleVIOLA 5
Stringed instrumentVIOLA 5

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