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1,575-mile river known to some locals as the ZhayyqURAL 4
russia's ... mountainsURAL 4
1,500-mile (or so) Russian chainURAL 4
1400-mile river to the Caspian SeaURAL 4
1500-mile river to the Caspian SeaURAL 4
1,500-mile Eurasian chainURAL 4
1,500-mile Russian chainURAL 4
_____ -Altaic (language group)URAL 4
__ Mountains: Eurasian border rangeURAL 4
__ Mountains: Mt. Narodnaya's rangeURAL 4
__ Mountains: Europe/Asia border rangeURAL 4
Mountain range separating two continentsURAL 4
Continent-separating mountain rangeURAL 4
Mountain range between two continentsURAL 4
River with a sturgeon populationURAL 4
River that crosses the border of Russia and KazakhstanURAL 4
Range extending about 1,500 miles to KazakhstanURAL 4
Mountain range also known as the Great Stone BeltURAL 4
Continental border riverURAL 4
Continental dividing rangeURAL 4
Eurasia's mountain range with 4 letters
Eurasia's mountain rangeURAL 4
Europe's third-longest riverURAL 4
It flows for 1,575 milesURAL 4
___ Mountains (continental dividers)URAL 4
Range separating two continentsURAL 4
River separating continentsURAL 4
Russian river or mountainURAL 4
Russian river or mountain rangeURAL 4
Russian river or mountainsURAL 4
Asian territory that abuts Europe in the board game RiskURAL 4
River that flows to the Caspian SeaURAL 4
River that empties into the CaspianURAL 4
___ Mountains (range that separates Europe and Asia)URAL 4
Mountain range known as the Great Stone Belt in Russian loreURAL 4
___ Mountains, on a boundary of AsiaURAL 4
River that turns west at OrskURAL 4
Asian border peakURAL 4
Asian border rangeURAL 4
Asian mountain rangeURAL 4
Caspian tributaryURAL 4
Continental divide?URAL 4
Eastern mountain rangeURAL 4
Eurasia-dividing rangeURAL 4
Eurasian border riverURAL 4
Eurasian boundary riverURAL 4
Eurasian dividerURAL 4
Eurasian mountain rangeURAL 4
Eurasian mountainsURAL 4
Intercontinental riverURAL 4
Kazakhstan cutterURAL 4

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