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Answer UNDO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

frustrateUNDO 4
AnnulUNDO 4
RavelUNDO 4
CancelUNDO 4
DetachUNDO 4
EffaceUNDO 4
Erase?UNDO 4
LoosenUNDO 4
NegateUNDO 4
OffsetUNDO 4
"Back up" command, in word processingUNDO 4
"Changed my mind" computer commandUNDO 4
"I didn't mean to delete that" commandUNDO 4
"Go back a step, computer"UNDO 4
"Go back" computer commandUNDO 4
"Go back," in word processingUNDO 4
"Go back!" on a computerUNDO 4
"Go back," on an edit menuUNDO 4
"Go back one step, computer"UNDO 4
*Word processor functionUNDO 4
"Edit" menu option with 4 letters
"Edit" menu optionUNDO 4
"Open ___!"UNDO 4
Ctrl zUNDO 4
DestroyUNDO 4
NullifyUNDO 4
ReleaseUNDO 4
RescindUNDO 4
ReverseUNDO 4
Word processing command represented by a backwards curved arrowUNDO 4
Command often entered in a state of panicUNDO 4
Menu option sometimes clicked in desperationUNDO 4
Menu option sometimes desperately clickedUNDO 4
Useful computer command for butterfingersUNDO 4
Useful word processing feature for newbiesUNDO 4
Change-of-heart word processing commandUNDO 4
Command for not-so-nimble fingersUNDO 4
Command to return to a former stateUNDO 4
Computer command for the error-proneUNDO 4
Computer command for the goof-proneUNDO 4
Computer's mistake-fixing commandUNDO 4
Correct, as a word processing errorUNDO 4
Go back a step, in word processingUNDO 4
Reverse an action, on a computerUNDO 4
Reverse, as a computer operationUNDO 4
Useful menu command for fallible folksUNDO 4
Word processor's erasing featureUNDO 4
Backtracking computer commandUNDO 4
Certain computer commandUNDO 4
Command after making a mistakeUNDO 4
Command following a mistakeUNDO 4

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