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Bad feeling in the pit of one's stomach?ULCER 5
Affliction said to be caused by worryULCER 5
Possible source of abdominal painULCER 5
Price of too much worry and hurryULCER 5
Result of stress, it's been saidULCER 5
Stress-related ailment, possiblyULCER 5
Worrier's health problem, sometimesULCER 5
Worrier's stomach woe, it's saidULCER 5
Bad feeling in one's gut?ULCER 5
Business-pressure resultULCER 5
Case for a gastroenterologistULCER 5
Cause of a nasty gut feeling?ULCER 5
Digestive tract conditionULCER 5
Eating may relieve its symptomsULCER 5
Problem caused by gastric juiceULCER 5
Problem caused by stomach acidULCER 5
Problem of the stomach liningULCER 5
Reason for much bellyachingULCER 5
Stomachache cause, perhapsULCER 5
Stress consequence, perhapsULCER 5
Stress symptom, they say with 5 letters
Stress symptom, they sayULCER 5
Trouble with the stomach liningULCER 5
Workaholic's comeuppanceULCER 5
Worrier's ailment, perhapsULCER 5
Worrier's risk, it's saidULCER 5
Worrier's risk, so they sayULCER 5
Worrier's risk, they sayULCER 5
Worrier's woe, it's saidULCER 5
Worrywart's woe, it's saidULCER 5
Bad feeling in the gut?ULCER 5
Bad gut feeling?ULCER 5
Cause of aggravationULCER 5
Cause of a stomachacheULCER 5
Corrupting influenceULCER 5
Digestive-system maladyULCER 5
Disturbing conditionULCER 5
Executive ailmentULCER 5
Executive bellyacheULCER 5
Executive hazardULCER 5
High-tension ailmentULCER 5
Not a good gut feeling?ULCER 5
Painful stomach problemULCER 5
Possible stress resultULCER 5
Pressure productULCER 5
Product of stressULCER 5
Stomach disorderULCER 5
Stomach lining problemULCER 5
Stress result, perhapsULCER 5
Stress symptom, perhapsULCER 5
Workaholic's woeULCER 5

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