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Answer UFO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Area 51 sighting, brieflyUFO 3
Craft in some rumored cover-upsUFO 3
Craft in the tabloids, brieflyUFO 3
Disturbing airborne thingUFO 3
Eerie sighting, for shortUFO 3
Extraterrestrial vehicle?UFO 3
Extraterrestrial veh., maybeUFO 3
Interplanetary transportUFO 3
It came from outer spaceUFO 3
It may be out of this worldUFO 3
It may be produced by swamp gasUFO 3
Klaatu's craft, in a 1951 filmUFO 3
Martian's craft, for shortUFO 3
Mysterious airship, abbr.UFO 3
Mysterious obj. in the skiesUFO 3
Mysterious sighting in the skyUFO 3
Mysterious sight in the skyUFO 3
Object of some amateur filmsUFO 3
One might be involved in a hoaxUFO 3
One not filing a flight planUFO 3
One side in a close encounter with 3 letters
One side in a close encounterUFO 3
Out-of-this-world objectUFO 3
Roswell crasher, some thinkUFO 3
Roswell sighting, supposedlyUFO 3
Saucer in the sky, brieflyUFO 3
Ship passing in the night?UFO 3
Ship to a distant place?UFO 3
Sighting in the sky, for shortUFO 3
Site for anal examinationsUFO 3
Spacecraft from far awayUFO 3
Subject of a grainy picture?UFO 3
Subject of some amateur videosUFO 3
Subject of some sightingsUFO 3
Subj. of many a faked videoUFO 3
Supermarket tabloid subjectUFO 3
Uncertain sighting brieflyUFO 3
Unusual sighting, for shortUFO 3
Vehicle without local plates?UFO 3
Ship not associated with 7-DownUFO 3
Subject of many a rambling, GIF-happy personal siteUFO 3
Abnormal radar blipUFO 3
Aerial mystery, brieflyUFO 3
Alien craft, for shortUFO 3
Alien's aircraft?UFO 3
Alien spacecraftUFO 3
Aliens' transportUFO 3
Alleged sky sightUFO 3
Area 51 sightingUFO 3
Artificial light?UFO 3
Blinking light, maybeUFO 3

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