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Answer UFO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1972 sci-fi TV seriesUFO 3
25 Down craft, for shortUFO 3
41-Across sighting, supposedlyUFO 3
36-Across craftUFO 3
''Cocoon'' transportUFO 3
"District 9" special effectUFO 3
"Starman" arrivalUFO 3
"X-files" phenomenonUFO 3
"Avatar" craftUFO 3
"Foo fighter"UFO 3
"V" vehicleUFO 3
"Flight of the Navigator" spacecraftUFO 3
"Flight of the Navigator" craftUFO 3
"Independence Day" vehicleUFO 3
'War of the Worlds' carrierUFO 3
"Weekly World News" "news"UFO 3
"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" sightUFO 3
"___ Hunters": History Channel show with the tagline "Hoax or History?"UFO 3
"Mars Attacks!" craftUFO 3
"The X-Files" sightingUFO 3
"The X-Files" subj. with 3 letters
"The X-Files" subj.UFO 3
"X-Files" investigationUFO 3
"E.T." craftUFO 3
Craft whose existence may be denied by government officials, thus proving its existenceUFO 3
You can find one in the four longest puzzle answers, even if you don't believeUFO 3
Reason for a flood of calls to the police dept., maybeUFO 3
Abduction destination in fanciful storiesUFO 3
A weather balloon may be perceived as oneUFO 3
Cause of many calls to the police, oftenUFO 3
Craft often depicted landing on three legsUFO 3
Weather balloon or military aircraft, maybeUFO 3
Craft often shown landing on three legsUFO 3
Craft with probes on board, apparentlyUFO 3
Extraterrestrial's transportationUFO 3
It could be created by swamp gasUFO 3
It might have a multi-race barroomUFO 3
One encountered in a close encounterUFO 3
One evidently not filing a flight planUFO 3
Phenomenon in some grainy videosUFO 3
Roswell visitor, according to someUFO 3
Strange sighting in the night skyUFO 3
Subject of many a grainy pictureUFO 3
Subj. of a certain conspiracy theoryUFO 3
Subj. of some amateur photographyUFO 3
Abduction ship, in tabloidsUFO 3
Aerial anomaly, for shortUFO 3
Amateur film subject, maybeUFO 3
Amateur video subject, maybeUFO 3
Anal probing spot, oftenUFO 3
Area 51 craft, supposedlyUFO 3

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