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Answer TUTU – Crossword Puzzle Solver

garmentTUTU 4
''Fantasia'' hippo costumeTUTU 4
''Sylvia'' garbTUTU 4
"Coppélia" costumeTUTU 4
"Dying swan" attireTUTU 4
"Fantasia" hippo's wearTUTU 4
"Giselle" garbTUTU 4
1984 NobelistTUTU 4
1984 Peace Prize recipientTUTU 4
1984 Peace NobelistTUTU 4
'80s Peace NobelistTUTU 4
"Black Swan" attireTUTU 4
"Black Swan" costumeTUTU 4
"Black Swan" outfitTUTU 4
"Black Swan" skirtTUTU 4
1984 Nobel Peace Prize winnerTUTU 4
"Swan Lake" attireTUTU 4
"Swan Lake" costumeTUTU 4
"Swan Lake" garbTUTU 4
"Swan Lake" getupTUTU 4
"Swan Lake" outfit with 4 letters
"Swan Lake" outfitTUTU 4
"Swan Lake" piece?TUTU 4
"Swan Lake" put-onTUTU 4
"Swan Lake" skirtTUTU 4
"Swan Lake" wearTUTU 4
"The Nutcracker" attireTUTU 4
"The Nutcracker" garbTUTU 4
"The Nutcracker" skirtTUTU 4
"La Sylphide" introduced itTUTU 4
Retired bishop with a ballerina-friendly nameTUTU 4
Attire usually worn with slippersTUTU 4
Something a person may take a spin in?TUTU 4
What one might go for a spin in?TUTU 4
Article to take a spin in?TUTU 4
Cabriole performer's wearTUTU 4
Dancewear attached to a bodiceTUTU 4
Dress not comfortable to sit inTUTU 4
Dress-up box garment, maybeTUTU 4
Garment seen at the balletTUTU 4
Hawaiian granny or grandpaTUTU 4
Item in which to do a pliéTUTU 4
It might be worn with a unitardTUTU 4
One might go for a spin in itTUTU 4
Part of a ballerina's outfitTUTU 4
Skater's attire, at timesTUTU 4
Skirt with layers of nettingTUTU 4
Skirt worn by ballerinasTUTU 4
Skirt worn with toe shoesTUTU 4
Some might take it for a spinTUTU 4
Something to go for a spin in?TUTU 4

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