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Answer TRIO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

3-piece bandTRIO 4
38-Down, for exampleTRIO 4
21-Across. e.g.TRIO 4
56-Across, e.g.TRIO 4
ComboTRIO 4
TriadTRIO 4
TroikaTRIO 4
"Jeopardy!" contestants, collectivelyTRIO 4
"Faust" finaleTRIO 4
"Pop, culture, TV" networkTRIO 4
"Jolly ___," Hals paintingTRIO 4
A comboTRIO 4
*The Magi, e.g.TRIO 4
"The Three Tenors," e.g.TRIO 4
"The Three Tenors," for exampleTRIO 4
"Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha" bandTRIO 4
Maroon 5, if two members were crushed by a piano (hey, a guy can dream)TRIO 4
Threesome ... or a hint to this puzzle's themeTRIO 4
Butcher, baker, and candlestick makerTRIO 4
Contrasting music as in a marchTRIO 4
Group that's just shy of a quartet with 4 letters
Group that's just shy of a quartetTRIO 4
Neapolitan ice cream flavors, e.g.TRIO 4
Nursery rhyme tub assembly, e.g.TRIO 4
Subordinate division of a minuetTRIO 4
Tinker and infield cohorts, e.g.TRIO 4
Apollo mission astronautsTRIO 4
Bass, piano and sax, e.g.TRIO 4
Certain singing ensembleTRIO 4
Chamber-music compositionTRIO 4
Combo in a small jazz clubTRIO 4
Dumas's musketeers, for exampleTRIO 4
Goldilocks's discoverers, e.g.TRIO 4
Group with three singersTRIO 4
Haydn string compositionTRIO 4
Jeopardy! contestants e.g.TRIO 4
Letters on a phone button e.g.TRIO 4
Power ___ (rock band format)TRIO 4
Quartet, after a defectionTRIO 4
Quartet, after a desertionTRIO 4
Quartet when one's out sickTRIO 4
Quartet with a defectionTRIO 4
Quartet with an absenteeTRIO 4
Quartet with one out sick?TRIO 4
Snap, crackle and pop, e.g.TRIO 4
Three with close harmony, e.g.TRIO 4
Wooden shoe sailors, e.g.TRIO 4
Anagram for "riot"TRIO 4
Anagram of "riot"TRIO 4
Backup group, oftenTRIO 4
Back up singers, oftenTRIO 4

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