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What convalescents need, for shortTLC 3
Female rap trio with the #1 hit "Waterfalls"TLC 3
Caring handling, initiallyTLC 3
Chicken soup accompanimentTLC 3
Comfort for the sick, for shortTLC 3
Comfort from mom, brieflyTLC 3
Compassionate handling, brieflyTLC 3
Devoted attention, brieflyTLC 3
Devoted attention, for shortTLC 3
Discovery sister networkTLC 3
Discovery sister stationTLC 3
Discovery's sister stationTLC 3
Doting affection, brieflyTLC 3
Doting consideration, for shortTLC 3
Doula's forte, for shortTLC 3
Educational cable networkTLC 3
Gentle attention, for shortTLC 3
Gentle handling, initiallyTLC 3
Gentle ministrations, for shortTLC 3
Heartfelt handling, initiallyTLC 3
Home cure-all, popularly with 3 letters
Home cure-all, popularlyTLC 3
Hospital specialty, for shortTLC 3
Infant's need, for shortTLC 3
Initials for kind treatmentTLC 3
Jilted lover's need, brieflyTLC 3
Letters denoting compassionTLC 3
Letters denoting special careTLC 3
Mom's specialty, brieflyTLC 3
Mom's specialty, for shortTLC 3
Motherly ministering, for shortTLC 3
Mother's forte, for shortTLC 3
Nurse's administration, brieflyTLC 3
Nurse's specialty, for shortTLC 3
Pampering treatment, for shortTLC 3
Patient attention, brieflyTLC 3
Patient's need, for shortTLC 3
Solicitous attention, brieflyTLC 3
Spa treatment, for shortTLC 3
Special attention, brieflyTLC 3
Special attention, for shortTLC 3
Special pampering for short,TLC 3
Special treatment, brieflyTLC 3
Special treatment, for shortTLC 3
Tender loving care, for shortTLC 3
That special touch, brieflyTLC 3
The best medicine, initiallyTLC 3
What a hosp. may provideTLC 3
What a hosp. should provideTLC 3
What a recent ex may needTLC 3
What convalescents requireTLC 3

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