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Answer TITLE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ deed (Monopoly card)TITLE 5
HandleTITLE 5
"Redundancies," to this puzzleTITLE 5
"Pentimento," for oneTITLE 5
"Wheel of Fortune" categoryTITLE 5
"Dallas" or "Brooklyn's Finest"TITLE 5
"Gandhi" or "Kinsey"TITLE 5
"Pajama Party," e.g.TITLE 5
"Her," "She" or "It"TITLE 5
"Annie" or "Annie Hall"TITLE 5
Book idTITLE 5
CaptionTITLE 5
EpithetTITLE 5
HeadingTITLE 5
"___ Legend"TITLE 5
"Tyler Perry's House of Payne" e.g.TITLE 5
"The Good Doctor," in this caseTITLE 5
"The Odd Couple," e.g.TITLE 5
"I Blacked Out Last Night," e.g.TITLE 5
"A Visit From St. Nicholas," e.g.TITLE 5
"R.U.R." or "U.S.A.," e.g. with 5 letters
"R.U.R." or "U.S.A.," e.g.TITLE 5
Component of this puzzle's themeTITLE 5
Heavyweight boxing champion, e.g.TITLE 5
Heavyweight champion of the world, e.g.TITLE 5
Info in a library search requestTITLE 5
It can be found on a book's spineTITLE 5
It's frequently under a star's nameTITLE 5
Sir or madam, as the case may beTITLE 5
A challenger might go after oneTITLE 5 search categoryTITLE 5 search term, perhapsTITLE 5
Film producer's decisionTITLE 5
Information on a book's spineTITLE 5
It can be found on the spineTITLE 5
It may change with a promotionTITLE 5
It might appear on a spineTITLE 5
Kind of search, in realtyTITLE 5
Library catalog search fieldTITLE 5
Library catalogue headingTITLE 5
Part of an address, maybeTITLE 5
Part of a spine, usuallyTITLE 5
Piece of info on a marqueeTITLE 5
Safe-deposit box documentTITLE 5
Something a wrestler might holdTITLE 5
Top of a job descriptionTITLE 5
Vehicle owner's documentTITLE 5
What cover letters spell out?TITLE 5
Word in three clues hereinTITLE 5
Writing found on a spineTITLE 5
Card catalogue entry after "Author"TITLE 5

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