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Answer TAPE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

'80s music mediumTAPE 4
___ measureTAPE 4
VideoTAPE 4
BinderTAPE 4
RecordTAPE 4
RibbonTAPE 4
"Cellophane" office supplyTAPE 4
"Scotch" or "duct" followerTAPE 4
3M productTAPE 4
Put on record, but not actually on a recordTAPE 4
Red __ (time-consuming forms, procedures, etc.)TAPE 4
Glasses fastener for a nerd costumeTAPE 4
It awaits the winner at the finish lineTAPE 4
Item in an athletic trainer's kitTAPE 4
It may be broken at the finish lineTAPE 4
Original camcorder storage mediaTAPE 4
Quick-and-dirty glasses repair optionTAPE 4
The fastest one gets to break itTAPE 4
The red kind is especially stickyTAPE 4
Word with ''deck'' or ''measure'' with 4 letters
Word with ''deck'' or ''measure''TAPE 4
Alternative to a compact discTAPE 4
Answering machine insertTAPE 4
Athletic trainer's supplyTAPE 4
Bit of evidence in courtTAPE 4
Bit of surveillance evidenceTAPE 4
Cassette contents, perhapsTAPE 4
Emergency medical kit itemTAPE 4
Finishing line, metaphoricallyTAPE 4
Finish line feature, sometimesTAPE 4
Gift wrapper's accessoryTAPE 4
Insertion into an old deckTAPE 4
It may be at the finish lineTAPE 4
It may be electrical or redTAPE 4
It's broken at a finish lineTAPE 4
Magnetic recording mediumTAPE 4
Marathoner's destinationTAPE 4
Olympic runners cross itTAPE 4
Piece of evidence in a trialTAPE 4
Record for future broadcastTAPE 4
Record for later viewingTAPE 4
Record for posterity, in a wayTAPE 4
Red ____ ( needless paperwork )TAPE 4
Runners break it for victoryTAPE 4
Sandlot baseball's coveringTAPE 4
Shipping department needTAPE 4
Shipping department supplyTAPE 4
Something to get caught onTAPE 4
Strip broken by a sprinterTAPE 4
Support for a weak jointTAPE 4

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