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Answer SYD – Crossword Puzzle Solver

2000 Olympics platypus mascotSYD 3
"Sammy the Seal" author/illustrator HoffSYD 3
"Danny and the Dinosaur" author ___ HoffSYD 3
"Sammy the Seal" author HoffSYD 3
"Charley's Aunt" star ChaplinSYD 3
"Funny Girl" ChaplinSYD 3
"The Game According to ___" (1990 baseball book)SYD 3
"The Horse in Harry's Room" author HoffSYD 3
"The Madcap Laughs" singer BarrettSYD 3
"The Madcap Laughs" musician BarrettSYD 3
2000 Summer Olympics mascotSYD 3
Famously burned-out rock musician BarrettSYD 3
Barrett who played on the only great Pink Floyd album [*ducks*]SYD 3
Hoff who wrote and illustrated "Danny and the Dinosaur"SYD 3
Barrett who played on the first two Pink Floyd albumsSYD 3
Platypus mascot of the 2000 Summer OlympicsSYD 3
Barrett of the original Pink FloydSYD 3
Aussie airport codeSYD 3
Australian metropolisSYD 3
Chaplin nicknameSYD 3
Chaplin's half brother with 3 letters
Chaplin's half brotherSYD 3
Charlie's comic brotherSYD 3
Down under airport codeSYD 3
First name in formalsSYD 3
Sydney to his friendsSYD 3
Screenwriting guru FieldSYD 3
Children's book author HoffSYD 3
Folk rock singer StrawSYD 3
Folk singer/songwriter StrawSYD 3
Barrett who co-founded Pink FloydSYD 3
Late rock recluse BarrettSYD 3
Singer-songwriter BarrettSYD 3
Barrett profiled in "Songs in the Key of Z"SYD 3
Barrett, formerly of Pink FloydSYD 3
Barrett who left Pink Floyd in 1968SYD 3
Barrett of early Pink FloydSYD 3
Airport code of Qantas's main hubSYD 3
Old-time cartoonist HoffSYD 3
Barrett late of Pink FloydSYD 3
Barrett once of Pink FloydSYD 3
Children's author HoffSYD 3
Old cartoonist ___ HoffSYD 3
Aust. citySYD 3
Barrett of rockSYD 3
Chaplin sonSYD 3
Man's nicknameSYD 3
Joanie and Robbie's sis on "Providence"SYD 3
Barrett of FloydSYD 3
Barrett or ChaplinSYD 3
One of the ChaplinsSYD 3

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