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___ wrestlingSUMO 4
Contact sport with a purification ritualSUMO 4
Sport in which beanpoles don't stand a chanceSUMO 4
Sport in which the referee carries a fanSUMO 4
Sport that takes place in a ring called a dohyoSUMO 4
Sport with a pre-match mat-salting ritualSUMO 4
Popular spectator sport that's not in the OlympicsSUMO 4
Athlete hoping not to be thrown outSUMO 4
Sport that includes salt throwingSUMO 4
Sport where salt is thrown aboutSUMO 4
Sport whose athletes have round bodiesSUMO 4
Sport whose top ranking is yokozunaSUMO 4
Sport with a referee called a gyojiSUMO 4
Sport with wrestlers called rikishiSUMO 4
What a yokozuna is a grand champion ofSUMO 4
Battle of beefy combatantsSUMO 4
Battle of beefy grapplersSUMO 4
Behemoth wrestlers, for shortSUMO 4
Big-league shoving match?SUMO 4
Certain heavyweight wrestlerSUMO 4
Competition held in a dohyo with 4 letters
Competition held in a dohyoSUMO 4
Heavyweights compete in itSUMO 4
Heavyweights face off in itSUMO 4
Heavyweights' ring contestSUMO 4
Japanese form of wrestlingSUMO 4
Japanese heavyweight sportSUMO 4
Japanese wrestling styleSUMO 4
Matchup of beefy grapplersSUMO 4
Matchup of behemoth wrestlersSUMO 4
Mawashi wearer's activitySUMO 4
Sport for fleshy wrestlersSUMO 4
Sport for gigantic wrestlersSUMO 4
Sport for large athletesSUMO 4
Sport in which athletes crouchSUMO 4
Sport refereed by a gyojiSUMO 4
Sport with beefy grapplersSUMO 4
Sport with big competition?SUMO 4
Sport with no weight limitSUMO 4
Super-heavyweight's sportSUMO 4
Wrestling with the big guysSUMO 4
Bare-chested sportSUMO 4
Battle of behemothsSUMO 4
Battle of the bulgy?SUMO 4
Beefy grappler, brieflySUMO 4
Big league sportSUMO 4
Big sport overseas?SUMO 4
Bout of beefy battlersSUMO 4
Ceremonial sportSUMO 4
Certain wrestlerSUMO 4
Clash of heavyweightsSUMO 4

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