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Answer SUMAC – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Poison" plantSUMAC 5
"Fuego del Ande" singerSUMAC 5
Shrub that may cause a severe allergic reactionSUMAC 5
Shrub that produces a crimson-colored spiceSUMAC 5
Vocally versatile, cruciverbally useful singer Yma who would have turned eighty-seven this weekSUMAC 5
Source of lacquer, varnish, or tanninSUMAC 5
Tree whose leaves were once smoked by IndiansSUMAC 5
Cause of a rash reaction?SUMAC 5
Cause of a rash response?SUMAC 5
Hummus garnish, sometimesSUMAC 5
It may elicit a rash responseSUMAC 5
Plant of the cashew familySUMAC 5
Plant that can be poisonousSUMAC 5
Poison ___ (irritating shrub)SUMAC 5
Poisonous shrub, perhapsSUMAC 5
Poisonous shrub, sometimesSUMAC 5
Poison ___ (swamp shrub)SUMAC 5
Poison ___ (toxic plant)SUMAC 5
Shrub of the cashew familySUMAC 5
Shrub that may be poisonousSUMAC 5
Sometimes-poisonous shrub with 5 letters
Sometimes-poisonous shrubSUMAC 5
Tree brightly colored in autumnSUMAC 5
Tree in the cashew familySUMAC 5
Tree of the cashew familySUMAC 5
Tree with tiny red berriesSUMAC 5
Cashew family memberSUMAC 5
Cashew family shrubSUMAC 5
Cashew family treeSUMAC 5
Common field plantSUMAC 5
Common field shrubSUMAC 5
It can be poisonSUMAC 5
It can be poisonousSUMAC 5
It can cause itchingSUMAC 5
Itch-causing plantSUMAC 5
Itch-inducing shrubSUMAC 5
It'll make you itchSUMAC 5
Japan wax sourceSUMAC 5
Ornamental shrubSUMAC 5
Poison ivy cousinSUMAC 5
Poison ivy, e.g.SUMAC 5
Poison ivy familySUMAC 5
Poison ivy, for oneSUMAC 5
Poison ivy relativeSUMAC 5
Poison ivy's cousinSUMAC 5
Poison ivy's familySUMAC 5
Poison ___ (shrub)SUMAC 5
Rash-causing shrubSUMAC 5
Rash source, maybeSUMAC 5
Red bush in fallSUMAC 5
Roadside boscageSUMAC 5

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