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Answer STU – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1950's-70's senator Symington, for shortSTU 3
ErwinSTU 3
3-time WSOP champ UngarSTU 3
''Rugrats'' fatherSTU 3
''Rugrats'' 20 AcrossSTU 3
''The ___ Erwin Show''STU 3
1950s TV actor ErwinSTU 3
1950s TV star ErwinSTU 3
"Wolf pack" member in the "Hangover" filmsSTU 3
"Alphabetical" nicknameSTU 3
"Simpsons" character, Disco ___STU 3
"Sanctimonious ___" (Joseph McCarthy's nickname for Senator Symington of Missouri)STU 3
'Disco' guy on 'The Simpsons'STU 3
"I get it!"STU 3
"Rugrats" dadSTU 3
"Junk" pitcher Miller or comic GilliamSTU 3
"The ___ Erwin Show" of 1950s TVSTU 3
"Search for Tomorrow" character BergmanSTU 3
"Son of Flubber" actor ErwinSTU 3
"Boogie With ___" ("Metaphysical Graffiti" song)STU 3
'Fifth Beatle' Sutcliffe with 3 letters
'Fifth Beatle' SutcliffeSTU 3
'Twixt R and VSTU 3
"The Simpsons" leisure suit wearerSTU 3
"The Simpsons" disco guySTU 3
"The Simpsons" character Disco ___STU 3
"The Simpsons" dancemeister Disco ___STU 3
"The Stand" hero RedmanSTU 3
"The Fifth Beatle" SutcliffeSTU 3
"The People's Court" creator ___ BillettSTU 3
A UdallSTU 3
1958 N.L. ERA leader MillerSTU 3
___ Nahan (real-life boxing commentator who appeared in all six Rocky movies)STU 3
Unlikely choice for a boy's name if your last name is PottsSTU 3
Name that consists of three consecutive lettersSTU 3
Good name for a flight attendant?STU 3
Good name for a hash house employeeSTU 3
Good name for a male flight attendantSTU 3
Guy lost somewhere in the alphabet?STU 3
Man's name that's an alphabetic stringSTU 3
Man's nickname that's an alphabetic runSTU 3
Name that's an alphabetic trigramSTU 3
One-time member of this puzzle theme's SutcliffeSTU 3
Paul took over for him on bass in the BeatlesSTU 3
Name spelled out while singing "The Alphabet Song"STU 3
Alphabet chunk that's a nameSTU 3
Apt name for a worrywartSTU 3
Good name for a brooder?STU 3
Good name for a cabin attendantSTU 3
Good name for a worrier?STU 3
Good name for a worrywart?STU 3

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