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22 of the 26 letters of the alphabet, in D.C.STS 3
1st, 2nd and 3rd, e.g.: Abbr.STS 3
10th, 20th, 30th, etc., in N.Y.C.STS 3
10th, 20th and 30th in NYCSTS 3
16 of them start with M or N (abbr.)STS 3
1st to 220th, in Manhattan: Abbr.STS 3
1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.: Abbr.STS 3
42d and 34thSTS 3
42nd and Wall in N.Y.C.STS 3
42nd and Elm (Abbr.)STS 3
42d and WallSTS 3
10-Down et al.: Abbr.STS 3
61-Down crossers: Abbr.STS 3
Aves.STS 3
34th, Elm, etc: Abbr.STS 3
Blvds.STS 3
Rdwys.STS 3
"Two-way" thoroughfares at both ends of this puzzle's long answersSTS 3
"Two-way" thoroughfares (Abbr.)STS 3
DC gridSTS 3
Probable rte. parts if you click "avoid highways" on Google Maps with 3 letters
Probable rte. parts if you click "avoid highways" on Google MapsSTS 3
Stars often stand for them on a flag (abbr.)STS 3
Abbr. concerning the holy or "potholy"STS 3
Many figs. on stained-glass windowsSTS 3
They go around the block, brieflySTS 3
They're found on city maps (abbr.)STS 3
Those for whom churches are named abbr.STS 3
Manhattan's crosstown arteries: Abbr.STS 3
Manhattan's east/west arteries: Abbr.STS 3
Most letters of the alphabet, in DCSTS 3
They generally run east-west in Manhattan: Abbr.STS 3
Ave. crossings, sometimesSTS 3
Bourbon and others (abbr.)STS 3
City roads that may cross aves.STS 3
Downing and others (abbr.)STS 3
Downing and others, brieflySTS 3
Hagiography subjects (abbr.)STS 3
Parade route sections: abbr.STS 3
Religious splinter groupsSTS 3
Valentine, et al. (abbr.)STS 3
Manhattan's 34th and 42nd: Abbr.STS 3
City planning concerns: Abbr.STS 3
Hagiographer's interest: Abbr.STS 3
Many are named for trees: Abbr.STS 3
Roads that cross avenues: Abbr.STS 3 index: Abbr.STS 3
Some sweepers sweep them: Abbr.STS 3
Stars may represent them: Abbr.STS 3
They go around the block: Abbr.STS 3
Abbrs. on a platSTS 3

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