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Answer STILT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

WaderSTILT 5
AvocetSTILT 5
PilingSTILT 5
"Wilt the ___" (Chamberlain's nickname)STILT 5
It might put you head and shoulders above everyone elseSTILT 5
A person can take big strides with thisSTILT 5
Bit of equipment for a circus clownSTILT 5
It may help you make big stridesSTILT 5
One of a circus clown's pair of polesSTILT 5
Aid for an overhead viewSTILT 5
Circus clown's lifter-upperSTILT 5
Circus performer's supportSTILT 5
Cliffside dwelling supporterSTILT 5
Clown's height-enhancing propSTILT 5
Equipment for a circus clownSTILT 5
Half a circus clown's pairSTILT 5
Half a clown's pair, maybeSTILT 5
It gives a lift at the circusSTILT 5
It helps you get a leg upSTILT 5
It may make a clown tallerSTILT 5
Juggler's perch, perhaps with 5 letters
Juggler's perch, perhapsSTILT 5
One of an uplifting pairSTILT 5
One of a pair for a clownSTILT 5
Stick under someone's footSTILT 5
Wading bird of tall statureSTILT 5
You'll stand tall with itSTILT 5
Beach house supportSTILT 5
Bird with long legsSTILT 5
Chamberlain epithetSTILT 5
Chamberlain nicknameSTILT 5
Circus clown propSTILT 5
Circus clown's lifterSTILT 5
Circus performer's propSTILT 5
Circus supporterSTILT 5
Circus tent poleSTILT 5
Circus tent raiser?STILT 5
Clown heightenerSTILT 5
Clown's accessorySTILT 5
Clown's height enhancerSTILT 5
Clown's height extenderSTILT 5
Clown's perch, maybeSTILT 5
Clown's prop, at timesSTILT 5
Clown's walking stickSTILT 5
Cousin of an avocetSTILT 5
Elevated walking stickSTILT 5
Elevator, of a sortSTILT 5
Half a clown's pairSTILT 5
Half a pole pairSTILT 5
High-stepping aidSTILT 5
Item for a high-stepperSTILT 5

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