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Answer STAT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"A.S.A.P.!"STAT 4
"ER" commandSTAT 4
"ER" orderSTAT 4
Rushing yards or turnovers, for shortSTAT 4
Something for the record books, brieflySTAT 4
Temperature regulator, informallySTAT 4
Bit of baseball card triviaSTAT 4
Box-score entry, for shortSTAT 4
Color commentator's tidbitSTAT 4
Copy of a photo, brieflySTAT 4
Emergency room imperativeSTAT 4
Factoid for fantasy baseballSTAT 4
Field goal percentage, for oneSTAT 4
Forthwith, to physiciansSTAT 4
Free throw percentage, e.g.STAT 4
Hat tricks in hockey, e.g.STAT 4
Home runs or r.b.i.'s, e.g.STAT 4
Household gauge, informallySTAT 4
Immediately, in prescriptionsSTAT 4
Immediately, on a prescription with 4 letters
Immediately, on a prescriptionSTAT 4
Immediately, to a doctorSTAT 4
Immediately, to a druggistSTAT 4
Immediately, to a pharmacistSTAT 4
Immediately, to a surgeonSTAT 4
Interceptions or yards rushingSTAT 4
Magazine photo, for shortSTAT 4
Number of service aces, e.g.STAT 4
Number on a baseball cardSTAT 4
Numerical datum, for shortSTAT 4
Numerical fact, for shortSTAT 4
On-base percentage, e.g.STAT 4
One for the record books?STAT 4
Photo in a magazine officeSTAT 4
Photo or thermo followerSTAT 4
Pre-desktop publishing photoSTAT 4
Rebounds or assists, e.g.STAT 4
Rebounds, points scored, e.g.STAT 4
Scoreboard figure, at timesSTAT 4
Slugging percentage, e.g.STAT 4
Sports-page number, for shortSTAT 4
Strikeout-to-walk ratio, e.g.STAT 4
Suffix for gyro or photoSTAT 4
Suffix for photo or hemoSTAT 4
Suffix for photo or rheoSTAT 4
Suffix for photo or thermoSTAT 4
Suffix for rheo or thermoSTAT 4
Suffix with gyro or hemoSTAT 4
Suffix with photo or rheoSTAT 4
Suffix with rheo or thermoSTAT 4

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