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Answer STAR – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Symbol on the center square of a Scrabble boardSTAR 4
Representation of a state on the U.S. flagSTAR 4
A film might receive oneSTAR 4
Asterisk, to a phone dialerSTAR 4
Astronomical observationSTAR 4
Award for a good studentSTAR 4
Billing for backward ratsSTAR 4
Brigadier general's insigniaSTAR 4
Capital indicator on a mapSTAR 4
Chinese checkers board shapeSTAR 4
Dressing-room door adornmentSTAR 4
Dressing room door figureSTAR 4
Dressing-room door ornamentSTAR 4
Dressing-room door symbolSTAR 4
Each state, symbolicallySTAR 4
Get the most screen timeSTAR 4
Hollywood sighting, sometimesSTAR 4
It can be silver or bronzeSTAR 4
It could be you on a mapSTAR 4
Item on a military shoulderSTAR 4
It may be seen before 69 with 4 letters
It may be seen before 69STAR 4
It often goes out with a bangSTAR 4
Kind of apple or chamberSTAR 4
Magic wand feature, oftenSTAR 4
Magic wand tip, sometimesSTAR 4
Marquee-name entertainerSTAR 4
Morning or evening sightSTAR 4
Name of many a newspaperSTAR 4
Name that gets top billingSTAR 4
Non-numerical phone buttonSTAR 4
One at the top of the billSTAR 4
One billed higher than the restSTAR 4
One may be assigned to a bombSTAR 4
Pentagram for a perfect paperSTAR 4
Phone button below the 7STAR 4
Red giant or white dwarfSTAR 4
Restaurant review symbolSTAR 4
Shape at the end of a wandSTAR 4
Silver or bronze followerSTAR 4
Symbolic telephone buttonSTAR 4
Symbol on a phone buttonSTAR 4
Tannenbaum topper, perhapsSTAR 4
The one assigned to a bomb?STAR 4
Type of chamber or qualitySTAR 4
What most rockers want to beSTAR 4
Word with board or chamberSTAR 4
Word with dust or chamberSTAR 4
Word with "movie" or "shooting"STAR 4
Commonwealth __ (symbol on Australia's flag)STAR 4
Symbol in the center of a Scrabble boardSTAR 4

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