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Answer STAR – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Vega or RigelSTAR 4
Vega or SpicaSTAR 4
Zaniah or ZosmaSTAR 4
Hollywood Boulevard embedmentSTAR 4
Hollywood Boulevard sightSTAR 4
Symbol on Morocco's flagSTAR 4
Symbol on Vietnam's flagSTAR 4
Altair or AntaresSTAR 4
Castor or PolluxSTAR 4
Mantle or Mays, onceSTAR 4
Newman or WoodwardSTAR 4
Polar __ (Polaris)STAR 4
Rooney or ClooneySTAR 4
Sirius or PolarisSTAR 4
Symbol by the L in an elevatorSTAR 4
Symbol on Texas's flagSTAR 4
The ______WeeklySTAR 4
Cohort of Meredith and JoySTAR 4
Emblem on Captain America's shieldSTAR 4
Hollywood Walk of Fame featureSTAR 4
Hollywood Walk of Fame figure with 4 letters
Hollywood Walk of Fame figureSTAR 4
Hollywood Walk of Fame insigniaSTAR 4
Hollywood Walk of Fame symbolSTAR 4
Cult song on "Basketball Diaries" soundtrackSTAR 4
Symbol on the Hollywood Walk of FameSTAR 4
Anagram of 20-AcrossSTAR 4
Betelgeuse or RigelSTAR 4
Betelgeuse or SiriusSTAR 4
Betelgeuse or StreisandSTAR 4
Betelgeuse or VegaSTAR 4
Deneb or SiriusSTAR 4
Guide for the MagiSTAR 4
Rigel or AltairSTAR 4
See 125-AcrossSTAR 4
Twinkler over BethlehemSTAR 4
Jones of 'The View'STAR 4
Tabloid near "OK!" and "The Enquirer"STAR 4
Deneb or BetelgeuseSTAR 4
Deneb or Mizar, e.g.STAR 4
Deneb or ProcyonSTAR 4
Derby winner Dark ___: 1953STAR 4
Feature of a Cowboy's helmetSTAR 4
Guide to BethlehemSTAR 4
Madonna "Lucky ___"STAR 4
Mizar or ProcyonSTAR 4
Movie or North followerSTAR 4
National Enquirer rivalSTAR 4
Piece of Orion's beltSTAR 4
Rigel or AntaresSTAR 4
Rigel or BetelgeuseSTAR 4

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