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60's demonstration targetSSS 3
1960's demonstration target: Abbr.SSS 3
1960's-70's draft org.SSS 3
'60s draft org.SSS 3
60's draft org.SSS 3
1-Down's warningSSS 3
"Heat's coming on" soundSSS 3
"Greetings" org.SSS 3
"Boo-o-o-o-o!"SSS 3
Warning from the critters that appear to be slithering through the grid?SSS 3
Awful sound to hear while riding in a hot air balloonSSS 3
Discomforting noise to hear from an inflatable mattressSSS 3
Nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner, informallySSS 3
Agcy. that draft dodgers want to steer clear ofSSS 3
Bad sound to hear in rattlesnake countrySSS 3
Org. that registers 18-to-25-year-old malesSSS 3
Sound of a drop of water hitting a hot frypanSSS 3
Sound of a drop of water hitting a hot panSSS 3
Sound you don't want to hear from a tireSSS 3
When this sound stops, you'll be left flatSSS 3
Bad sound for a hot air balloonist with 3 letters
Bad sound for a hot air balloonistSSS 3
Bad sound when you don't have a spareSSS 3
Org. in which one's number may be upSSS 3
Org. that registers 18-year-old malesSSS 3
Sound after a pin prick, perhapsSSS 3
Sound after a pinprick, sometimesSSS 3
Sound from a tire with a hole in itSSS 3
Sound of water hitting a hot frying panSSS 3
Sound of water hitting a hot panSSS 3
Sound that indicates the oil is hotSSS 3
Worrisome org. for a draft dodgerSSS 3
Many men are registered with it: Abbr.SSS 3
Former holder of private drawings?: Abbr.SSS 3
Concordes, e.g., familiarlySSS 3
Deflating beach ball soundSSS 3
Indication of tire troubleSSS 3
Lottery holder, once (abbr.)SSS 3
Onetime "greetings" org.SSS 3
Org. dodged by draft dodgersSSS 3
Org. established in 1917SSS 3
Protested grp. of the 60'sSSS 3
Rude response to the visitorsSSS 3
Sign of an escape, perhapsSSS 3
Sound after a pinprick, perhapsSSS 3
Sound from a hot skilletSSS 3
Sound from a leaking tireSSS 3
Sound heard by a snake charmerSSS 3
Sound of a soda can openingSSS 3
Sound of fizzling or sizzlingSSS 3
Threatened snake's soundSSS 3

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