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Answer SOAP – Crossword Puzzle Solver

____ dishSOAP 4
inveigleSOAP 4
___ operaSOAP 4
__ Box Derby (Akron event)SOAP 4
CaressSOAP 4
LatherSOAP 4
''All My Children'', for oneSOAP 4
TV hitSOAP 4
"Passions," e.g.SOAP 4
"Passions," for oneSOAP 4
"Days," for oneSOAP 4
*Second stepSOAP 4
"General Hospital," e.g.SOAP 4
"General Hospital," for oneSOAP 4
"Guiding Light," e.g. (R.I.P.)SOAP 4
"Days of Our Lives," for oneSOAP 4
"As the World Turns," for oneSOAP 4
CastileSOAP 4
Tub barSOAP 4
'70s Billy Crystal comedy seriesSOAP 4
"Port Charles," for example with 4 letters
"Port Charles," for exampleSOAP 4
"Dark Shadows," for oneSOAP 4
"Jo's Boys" novelistSOAP 4
"One Life to Live," e.g.SOAP 4
"All My Children," e.g.SOAP 4
"The O.C.," essentiallySOAP 4
2006 Samuel L. Jackson movie, initials-wiseSOAP 4
TV fareSOAP 4
Supply hidden in the first two letters of the long answers' wordsSOAP 4
Bar found at the end of this puzzle's seven longest answersSOAP 4
Alternative to shaving cream, for retro typesSOAP 4
Cake that doesn't taste so good?SOAP 4
Cake that's unpleasant to the tasteSOAP 4
Bar from the locker roomSOAP 4
Continuing daytime dramaSOAP 4
Controversial 70's-80's sitcomSOAP 4
Controversial 70's sitcomSOAP 4
Halloween prankster's aidSOAP 4
Halloween prankster's supplySOAP 4
Ingredient of some cakesSOAP 4
It comes in cakes or barsSOAP 4
It comes out in the washSOAP 4
It'll put you into a latherSOAP 4
It may be found in a dishSOAP 4
It might be stuck to a dishSOAP 4
It's needed for a good bathSOAP 4
It sometimes comes in cakesSOAP 4
Product of saponificationSOAP 4
Purchase made by the barSOAP 4
Something purchased in barsSOAP 4

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