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Answer SNAP – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Jacket fastener, sometimesSNAP 4
Kind of dragon or turtleSNAP 4
Make a sharp, cracking soundSNAP 4
One way to summon the waiterSNAP 4
Onslaught of cold weatherSNAP 4
Piece of cake, so to speakSNAP 4
Play starter, in footballSNAP 4
Pop's pal, at breakfast?SNAP 4
Predecessor of crackle and popSNAP 4
Reach the breaking pointSNAP 4
Result of excessive bendingSNAP 4
Slipknot song to lose it to?SNAP 4
Sound preceding crackle and popSNAP 4
Speak sharply, with "at"SNAP 4
Start of a football playSNAP 4
Stop, as a winning streakSNAP 4
This starts a football playSNAP 4
Weather condition with coldSNAP 4
Word with cold or gingerSNAP 4
Word with dragon or brimSNAP 4
Word with ginger or cold with 4 letters
Word with ginger or coldSNAP 4
Word with "judgment" or "shot"SNAP 4
Word with shot or dragonSNAP 4
Electronica group behind that "I've got the power!" music sampleSNAP 4
Sound effect in the theme to "The Addams Family"SNAP 4
Sound heard with the phrase "Just like that!"SNAP 4
Ape some turtlesSNAP 4
Attack like a turtleSNAP 4
Attention-getting soundSNAP 4
Begin a football playSNAP 4
Betray irritabilitySNAP 4
Break off suddenlySNAP 4
Break under strainSNAP 4
Break unexpectedlySNAP 4
Breeze; pushoverSNAP 4
Buckle alternativeSNAP 4
Button alternativeSNAP 4
Center performanceSNAP 4
Center's hand-offSNAP 4
Center the footballSNAP 4
Child's card gameSNAP 4
Click, as the fingersSNAP 4
Clicking fastenerSNAP 4
Click your fingersSNAP 4
Clothing closureSNAP 4
Completely lose itSNAP 4
Cookie, bean or photoSNAP 4
Course for a sciolistSNAP 4
Crackle and pop palSNAP 4
Crackle colleagueSNAP 4

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