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Answer SLIDE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

__ rule (calculation tool employing logs)SLIDE 5
"___ always say ..."SLIDE 5
___ ruleSLIDE 5
ChuteSLIDE 5
GlideSLIDE 5
DeclineSLIDE 5
SkitterSLIDE 5
"Dizzy Up the Girl" singleSLIDE 5
Third base coach's urging, maybeSLIDE 5
Base coach's frantic crySLIDE 5
Clear part of a presentation?SLIDE 5
Come in feet first, e.g.SLIDE 5
Descend a firehouse poleSLIDE 5
Feet-first action, oftenSLIDE 5
Get home safely, perhapsSLIDE 5
Get under the tag, hopefullySLIDE 5
It may be next to a swingSLIDE 5
It's shown on a projectorSLIDE 5
Kind of trombone or ruleSLIDE 5
Move quietly and smoothlySLIDE 5
One way to get to second base with 5 letters
One way to get to second baseSLIDE 5
Picture with its own frameSLIDE 5
Shout from a third base coachSLIDE 5
Try to get home safely, perhapsSLIDE 5
Where you might find a 7-DownSLIDE 5
Amusement-park featureSLIDE 5
Arrive home, in a waySLIDE 5
Baseball maneuverSLIDE 5
Base coach's crySLIDE 5
Base coach's directiveSLIDE 5
Base-runner's concernSLIDE 5
Base runner's optionSLIDE 5
Base runner's ploySLIDE 5
Base-running maneuverSLIDE 5
Base-stealer's maneuverSLIDE 5
Base stealer's tacticSLIDE 5
Come home, in a waySLIDE 5
Decline in valueSLIDE 5
Elude a tag, in a waySLIDE 5
Elude the tag, in a waySLIDE 5
Get home safely?SLIDE 5
Hit an ice patchSLIDE 5
Hook ___, in baseballSLIDE 5
Item with a ladderSLIDE 5
Kind of tromboneSLIDE 5
Microscope specimenSLIDE 5
One way to come home?SLIDE 5
One way to get home?SLIDE 5
One way to reach a baseSLIDE 5
Perform a glissadeSLIDE 5

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