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Answer SLID – Crossword Puzzle Solver

SluedSLID 4
GlidedSLID 4
SkatedSLID 4
CoastedSLID 4
DriftedSLID 4
DroppedSLID 4
ShiftedSLID 4
SkiddedSLID 4
SlippedSLID 4
Got one's uniform dirty, as a base runnerSLID 4
Enjoyed some playground equipmentSLID 4
Got one's uniform dirty, perhapsSLID 4
How a song exited the charts, perhaps?SLID 4
Played in the playground, perhapsSLID 4
Took advantage of the playgroundSLID 4
Went down a firehouse pole, e.g.SLID 4
Approached home, in a waySLID 4
Approached home, one waySLID 4
Approached home plate, maybeSLID 4
Approached home plate, one waySLID 4
Arrived at a base, in a way with 4 letters
Arrived at a base, in a waySLID 4
Arrived at second base, perhapsSLID 4
Arrived home safe, in a waySLID 4
Arrived home safely, perhapsSLID 4
Arrived in a cloud of dustSLID 4
Arrived safely under the throwSLID 4
Came home on one's backsideSLID 4
Came into a base horizontallySLID 4
Crossed the plate horizontallySLID 4
Didn't come home standing upSLID 4
Didn't have good tractionSLID 4
Displayed baserunning skillsSLID 4
Down-shifted into second?SLID 4
Dramatically arrived homeSLID 4
Dropped, as in the pollsSLID 4
Encountered a banana peelSLID 4
Experienced dis-traction?SLID 4
Finished stealing, maybeSLID 4
Got home in a cloud of dustSLID 4
Got one's uniform dirty, maybeSLID 4
Got to third base, perhapsSLID 4
Got worse, in the standingsSLID 4
Headed for home, perhapsSLID 4
Headed for home the hard waySLID 4
Lost control, as on an icy roadSLID 4
Make skid marks, perhapsSLID 4
Moved sideways, in footballSLID 4
One way to have gotten homeSLID 4
Performed a baseball maneuverSLID 4
Reached base in a cloud of dustSLID 4

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