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Answer SLED – Crossword Puzzle Solver

64-Across's RosebudSLED 4
1-Across vehicleSLED 4
''Call of the Wild'' vehicleSLED 4
CutterSLED 4
SliderSLED 4
TroikaSLED 4
''The Call of the Wild'' vehicleSLED 4
"Dog" leader or followerSLED 4
"Mush!" shouter's vehicleSLED 4
"Mush!" yeller's conveyanceSLED 4
"Mush!" yeller's vehicleSLED 4
"Rosebud," for oneSLED 4
"Mush!" deviceSLED 4
"Rosebud," e.g.SLED 4
"Citizen Kane" articleSLED 4
'Citizen Kane' propSLED 4
CoasterSLED 4
DogboatSLED 4
KomatikSLED 4
MonoskiSLED 4
Sleigh? with 4 letters
Sleigh?SLED 4
TravoisSLED 4
VehicleSLED 4
"Ethan Frome" propSLED 4
*Radio Flyer, e.g.SLED 4
"Snow Dogs" vehicleSLED 4
An upside-down garbage can lid might be used as oneSLED 4
Football blockers' practice deviceSLED 4
Have fun on an enormous white bed?SLED 4
Something that's fun on the coast?SLED 4
Toy sometimes pulled with a ropeSLED 4
Vehicle that never loses a wheelSLED 4
You might steer one with your feetSLED 4
A husky may be hitched to itSLED 4
Alaskan malamute's burdenSLED 4
Conveyance on a snowy slopeSLED 4
Conveyance without wheelsSLED 4
Disc-shaped coaster for kidsSLED 4
Enjoy a snow day, perhapsSLED 4
Enjoy the winter outdoorsSLED 4
Have fun on a white bed?SLED 4
It gets the support of runnersSLED 4
It goes downhill pretty quicklySLED 4
It may be hitched to huskiesSLED 4
It may be slowed with reinsSLED 4
It may cause spills on hillsSLED 4
It may require a team effortSLED 4
It moves on a large white bedSLED 4
It's involved in many spillsSLED 4
It's useless without runnersSLED 4

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