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Answer SLANG – Crossword Puzzle Solver

70-Across, e.g.SLANG 5
ArgotSLANG 5
LingoSLANG 5
JargonSLANG 5
"Language that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands and goes to work," per Carl SandburgSLANG 5
"All ___ is metaphor, and all metaphor is poetry": G. K. ChestertonSLANG 5
"Applesauce" for "nonsense," for exampleSLANG 5
"Cyberpunk" for "computer hacker," for exampleSLANG 5
"Hit the road" or "hit the books"SLANG 5
"Pasted" or "wasted," for "drunk"SLANG 5
"The cat's meow" or "a dog's life"SLANG 5
"Fall guy" or "gent," e.g.SLANG 5
"Bad" for "good," e.g.SLANG 5
"Beak" for "nose," e.g.SLANG 5
"Bonk" or "conk," e.g.SLANG 5
"Crib" for "home," e.g.SLANG 5
"A poor man's poetry": MooreSLANG 5
"Dis" is itSLANG 5
"Fables in ___"SLANG 5
"Kiddo," e.g.SLANG 5
Vulgate with 5 letters
VulgateSLANG 5
Knuckle sandwich and piece of cake, e.g.SLANG 5
Bananas, crackers and nuts, e.g.SLANG 5
Hair of the dog or the cat's pajamasSLANG 5
It might not appear in the dictionarySLANG 5
Big cheese or long greenSLANG 5
Big gun or big cheese, e.g.SLANG 5
Challenge for a translatorSLANG 5
Colorful language, sometimesSLANG 5
Highly informal languageSLANG 5
It's spoken from the hip?SLANG 5
It's the word on the streetSLANG 5
It usually comes from the hip?SLANG 5
Subject of some dictionariesSLANG 5 specialtySLANG 5
Word on the street, maybeSLANG 5
Big gun or big cheeseSLANG 5
Blotto or stinko, e.g.SLANG 5
Bread or moola, e.g.SLANG 5
Cat and mouse, e.g.SLANG 5
Dictionary labelSLANG 5
Dis, dawg or dudeSLANG 5
Dis or moola, e.g.SLANG 5
Faddish languageSLANG 5
Goofball or goof-offSLANG 5
Informal languageSLANG 5
Informal lexiconSLANG 5
Informal verbiageSLANG 5
Informal vernacularSLANG 5
Like "hot-diggity"SLANG 5

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