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Answer SKIRTS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

AvoidsSKIRTS 6
EvadesSKIRTS 6
DirndlsSKIRTS 6
Christmas tree base coveringsSKIRTS 6
Steers clear of, as an issueSKIRTS 6
They may be slit or goredSKIRTS 6
Avoids, as an issueSKIRTS 6
Poodle and dirndl, e.g.SKIRTS 6
Boutique buysSKIRTS 6
BypassesSKIRTS 6
Circles aroundSKIRTS 6
Gets around?SKIRTS 6
SidestepsSKIRTS 6
Slip covers?SKIRTS 6
Steers clear ofSKIRTS 6
Women's wearSKIRTS 6

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