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Answer SHAG – Crossword Puzzle Solver

'30s dance or '70s doSHAG 4
'40s dance or '70s doSHAG 4
style of haircutSHAG 4
1970's hairdoSHAG 4
'30s danceSHAG 4
___ carpetSHAG 4
FetchSHAG 4
PursueSHAG 4
Retrieve and throw back, in baseball practiceSHAG 4
Catch and throw back, as fly ballsSHAG 4
Practice casually in the outfieldSHAG 4
Stylish haircut or stylish carpetSHAG 4
What an outfielder does for practiceSHAG 4
Certain carpet or hairdoSHAG 4
Chase down, as a fly ballSHAG 4
Chase down, as fly ballsSHAG 4
Cut with more than one layerSHAG 4
Dance popular in the 30'sSHAG 4
Dance popularized in the 1930'sSHAG 4
Do a batting-practice choreSHAG 4
Go after, in the outfield with 4 letters
Go after, in the outfieldSHAG 4
Popular dance of the 30'sSHAG 4
Practice in the outfieldSHAG 4
Style for a haircut or a rugSHAG 4
Hair style popularized by Florence Henderson and Meg RyanSHAG 4
Hairstyle popularized by Farrah FawcettSHAG 4
Bed, across the pondSHAG 4
Carpeting choiceSHAG 4
Carpet with thick pileSHAG 4
Casually catch fliesSHAG 4
Catch a baseballSHAG 4
Catch a flying ballSHAG 4
Catch high fungoesSHAG 4
Catch lazy fly ballsSHAG 4
Catch some fliesSHAG 4
Chase, as fly ballsSHAG 4
Chase balls downSHAG 4
Chase in the fieldSHAG 4
Chase in the outfieldSHAG 4
Dance of the 1930'sSHAG 4
Dance of the 30'sSHAG 4
Dance or hairstyleSHAG 4
Dance step in the 30'sSHAG 4
Dance step of the 30'sSHAG 4
Fad dance of the 1930sSHAG 4
Fetch in the outfieldSHAG 4
Go after and bring backSHAG 4
Go after, as fliesSHAG 4
Go after balls, maybeSHAG 4
Hairdo or rug typeSHAG 4

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