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Answer SESTET – Crossword Puzzle Solver

StanzaSESTET 6
Writing in the form of cdecde, cdccdc or cdedceSESTET 6
Last six lines of a sonnet, oftenSESTET 6
Octave's counterpart in a sonnetSESTET 6
A group of six tsetse flies (6)SESTET 6
Italian sonnet's ending linesSESTET 6
Last six lines of a sonnetSESTET 6
Last six lines of poetrySESTET 6
Part of a sonnet, perhapsSESTET 6
Petrarchan sonnet finaleSESTET 6
Quatrain's longer relativeSESTET 6
Certain set of lines from PetrarchSESTET 6
It follows the octave in an Italian sonnetSESTET 6
Certain musical groupSESTET 6
Certain poetic outputSESTET 6
Chamber music groupSESTET 6
Group of six singersSESTET 6
Group of two triosSESTET 6
Guitar strings, e.g.SESTET 6
Italian sonnet closingSESTET 6
Italian sonnet ending with 6 letters
Italian sonnet endingSESTET 6
Italian sonnet featureSESTET 6
Italian sonnet finishSESTET 6
Last lines of a sonnetSESTET 6
Last part of a sonnetSESTET 6
Part of a sonnetSESTET 6
Part of some sonnetsSESTET 6
Petrarchan sonnet partSESTET 6
Rhythmic group of sixSESTET 6
Six-line sonnet sectionSESTET 6
Sonnet componentSESTET 6
Latter part of an Italian sonnetSESTET 6
Second division of an Italian sonnetSESTET 6
Ending section of an Italian sonnetSESTET 6
Last six lines of a Petrarchan sonnetSESTET 6
One of three in Byron's "She Walks in Beauty"SESTET 6
Bard's workSESTET 6
Certain stanzaSESTET 6
Group of sixSESTET 6
Harmonizing sixSESTET 6
Musical groupSESTET 6
Six-lined verseSESTET 6
Six-line poemSESTET 6
Six-line stanzaSESTET 6
Six musiciansSESTET 6
Six-person bandSESTET 6
Sonnet closingSESTET 6
Sonnet divisionSESTET 6
Sonnet end?SESTET 6
Sonnet enderSESTET 6

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