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Answer SEATS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

2-Down offeringsSEATS 5
ChairsSEATS 5
PlacesSEATS 5
UshersSEATS 5
FanniesSEATS 5
Broke fans sit in the cheap onesSEATS 5
Goals for musical chairs playersSEATS 5
People may be hired to fill themSEATS 5
Some are cheap, some are reservedSEATS 5
Theater ticket holders' entitlementsSEATS 5
They're often saved at the moviesSEATS 5
Accommodates, as an arenaSEATS 5
Accommodates, as passengersSEATS 5
Has space for, as an auditoriumSEATS 5
It's nice to have floor onesSEATS 5
Plane or train reservationsSEATS 5
Rush-hour rarities on busesSEATS 5
Stock-exchange membershipsSEATS 5
They may be cheap or reservedSEATS 5
They may be held for youSEATS 5
They may be taken or reserved with 5 letters
They may be taken or reservedSEATS 5
Ushers know where they areSEATS 5
What some tickets are forSEATS 5
You can take them or leave themSEATS 5
Accommodates, in a waySEATS 5
Acts as an usherSEATS 5
Airplane furnitureSEATS 5
Arena arrangementSEATS 5
Attendance capacitySEATS 5
Auditorium necessitiesSEATS 5
Banana and rumbleSEATS 5
Barstools for example,SEATS 5
Benches and chairsSEATS 5
Bleachers' featuresSEATS 5
Bleachers, for exampleSEATS 5
Boxoffice concernsSEATS 5
Candidates' goalsSEATS 5
Centers of powerSEATS 5
Chairs and benchesSEATS 5
Chairs and stoolsSEATS 5
Congressional spotsSEATS 5
Does an usher's jobSEATS 5
Does some usheringSEATS 5
Does ushering dutySEATS 5
Does usher's workSEATS 5
Elective officesSEATS 5
Emulates an usherSEATS 5
Exchange membershipsSEATS 5
Governmental centersSEATS 5
Government centersSEATS 5

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