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Answer SEARS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ tower, now Willis TowerSEARS 5
BurnsSEARS 5
CharsSEARS 5
BrandsSEARS 5
BrownsSEARS 5
"There's more for your life" sloganeerSEARS 5
___, Roebuck and Co.SEARS 5
ParchesSEARS 5
____ TowerSEARS 5
Company that stopped sending general catalogs in 1993SEARS 5
Company that discontinued its catalog in 1993SEARS 5
Company that once offered mail-order catalogsSEARS 5
Catalog you used to order guitar fromSEARS 5
Company with a once-famous catalogSEARS 5
Department store with a noted catalogSEARS 5
Name on the world's tallest buildingSEARS 5
World's tallest building, for shortSEARS 5
Owner of the highest building in ChicagoSEARS 5
Anchor store at many mallsSEARS 5
Big name in department storesSEARS 5
Big name in mail-order business with 5 letters
Big name in mail-order businessSEARS 5
Brands ... or carrier of brandsSEARS 5
Catalogue issuer of yoreSEARS 5
Classic name in mail orderSEARS 5
Common mall anchor storeSEARS 5
Mall anchor store, frequentlySEARS 5
Mall anchor store, oftenSEARS 5
Popular department storeSEARS 5
Prepares ahi tuna, maybeSEARS 5
Roebuck's partner in retailingSEARS 5
___ Tower, world's highest buildingSEARS 5
___ Tower, world's tallest buildingSEARS 5
Company that merged with KmartSEARS 5
Company that launched the Discover cardSEARS 5
Allstate's ownerSEARS 5
Big name in cataloguesSEARS 5
Big name in mail orderSEARS 5
Big name in retailSEARS 5
Big name in retailingSEARS 5
Big-time retailerSEARS 5
Blackens, as catfishSEARS 5
Blackens, as tunaSEARS 5
Burns the surface ofSEARS 5
Cataloguer of yoreSEARS 5
Causes witheringSEARS 5
Chars, as a steakSEARS 5
Chars the surface ofSEARS 5
Chicago tower builderSEARS 5
Classic mail-order nameSEARS 5
Cooks over high heatSEARS 5

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