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Answer SCAB – Crossword Puzzle Solver

CrustSCAB 4
EscharSCAB 4
"Scotch fiddle"SCAB 4
One crossing through the strike zone?SCAB 4
One objecting to a called strikeSCAB 4
One who's not out on called strikesSCAB 4
What kids are taught not to pickSCAB 4
Beginning of a wound healingSCAB 4
Beginning of healing, sometimesSCAB 4
Defective spot on a plantSCAB 4
Fill-in for a striking workerSCAB 4
Hardly a striking individual?SCAB 4
It shows where a cut was madeSCAB 4
Management ally of a sortSCAB 4
Nonunion worker in a union jobSCAB 4
One going back into laborSCAB 4
One who crosses the line?SCAB 4
One who goes over the line?SCAB 4
One who works despite a strikeSCAB 4
One who works during a strikeSCAB 4
Part of a healing process with 4 letters
Part of a healing processSCAB 4
Part of the healing processSCAB 4
Persona non grata at a strikeSCAB 4
Person who crosses the lineSCAB 4
Picket line troublemakerSCAB 4
Strikebreaker's old wound?SCAB 4
Target of picketers' epithetsSCAB 4
Abrasion aftermathSCAB 4
Aftermath of a scrapeSCAB 4
A kid may pick itSCAB 4
Boo-boo evidenceSCAB 4
Boo-boo reminderSCAB 4
British blacklegSCAB 4
Casting irregularitySCAB 4
Certain line crosserSCAB 4
Child's knee décorSCAB 4
Cover for a woundSCAB 4
Evidence of bodily harmSCAB 4
Evidence of healingSCAB 4
Evidence of injurySCAB 4
Formation over a woundSCAB 4
Healing formationSCAB 4
He crosses the lineSCAB 4
Indication of healingSCAB 4
It may be a sore spotSCAB 4
Line crosser of a sortSCAB 4
Memento of a scrapeSCAB 4
Natural healing aidSCAB 4
Natural wound coverSCAB 4
Nature's bandageSCAB 4

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