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Answer SAWS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ wood (snores)SAWS 4
AdagesSAWS 4
AxiomsSAWS 4
MaximsSAWS 4
"Let sleeping dogs lie" and othersSAWS 4
The starts of this puzzle's six longest answers are types of themSAWS 4
Bases for some long crossword answersSAWS 4
Some may be pulled in two directionsSAWS 4
They go back and forth in the woodsSAWS 4
They go back and forth through treesSAWS 4
They may be pulled in two directionsSAWS 4
Tools sometimes used for making musicSAWS 4
Carpenters' dust creatorsSAWS 4
Condensed, memorable sayingsSAWS 4
Goes against the grain, perhapsSAWS 4
Makeshift musical instrumentsSAWS 4
Proverbs for carpenters?SAWS 4
They can go into the grainSAWS 4
They go back and forth to workSAWS 4
They make across-the-board cutsSAWS 4
Tools that leave a little dust with 4 letters
Tools that leave a little dustSAWS 4
What all good fellers needSAWS 4
Carpenter's toolsSAWS 4
Carpenters' toolsSAWS 4
Circular and bandSAWS 4
Circular and crosscutSAWS 4
Coping mechanisms?SAWS 4
Creates some dustSAWS 4
Cuts corners, in a waySAWS 4
Cuts into lumberSAWS 4
Cutting implementsSAWS 4
Does carpentry workSAWS 4
Familiar sayingsSAWS 4
Fellers in the woods?SAWS 4
Hack and rip followersSAWS 4
Hardware store sectionSAWS 4
Jig and band, for twoSAWS 4
Lumberjack's toolsSAWS 4
Lumberjacks' toolsSAWS 4
Lumbermill fixturesSAWS 4
Lumberyard equipmentSAWS 4
Lumberyard toolsSAWS 4
Magicians' equipmentSAWS 4
Makes the cut, in a waySAWS 4
Memorable sayingsSAWS 4
Processes lumberSAWS 4
Some are circularSAWS 4
Some are clichésSAWS 4
Some toothed toolsSAWS 4
They have many teethSAWS 4

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