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Answer SASHA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Peter and the Wolf" bird's nameSASHA 5
"Peter and the Wolf" birdSASHA 5
"Peter and the Wolf" nameSASHA 5
"I Am ... ___ Fierce," #1 Beyoncé albumSASHA 5
Michelle bested her for a 2002 skating bronze medalSASHA 5
Barack's younger daughterSASHA 5
Obama's younger daughterSASHA 5
Olympic silver medalist CohenSASHA 5
A first daughterSASHA 5
Alexander, diminutivelySASHA 5
Alexander, for shortSASHA 5
Alexander, to friendsSASHA 5
Big name in dollsSASHA 5
Dostoyevsky girlSASHA 5
First dog walker, maybeSASHA 5
Malia's little sisterSASHA 5
Russian-born violinist Schneider, informallySASHA 5
Champion figure skater CohenSASHA 5
Teen caregiver of SunnySASHA 5
Olympic figure skater CohenSASHA 5
Malia's sister in the White House with 5 letters
Malia's sister in the White HouseSASHA 5
Russian nickname for AlexanderSASHA 5
Obama daughter whose Secret Service code name is "Rosebud"SASHA 5
Bird's name in "Peter and the Wolf"SASHA 5
Bo's co-ownerSASHA 5
Cohen on iceSASHA 5
Cohen on skatesSASHA 5
Malia's sisterSASHA 5
Obama daughterSASHA 5
Obama girlSASHA 5
One of the Obama daughtersSASHA 5
Ice skater CohenSASHA 5
One of the Obama girlsSASHA 5
One of the ObamasSASHA 5
Bird's name in Disney's ''Peter and the Wolf''SASHA 5
One of the First DaughtersSASHA 5
Olympic skater CohenSASHA 5
Unisex name in RussiaSASHA 5
Youngest ObamaSASHA 5
Vujacic of the Los Angeles Lakers, who's nicknamed "The Machine"SASHA 5
Slovenian-born N.B.A. guard VujacicSASHA 5
Violinist Schneider, informallySASHA 5
Figure skater CohenSASHA 5
Angie's "Rizzoli & Isles" costarSASHA 5
Bird in "Peter and the Wolf"SASHA 5
Basketballer DanilovicSASHA 5
Nickname for AlexanderSASHA 5
Pennsylvania Ave. tweenSASHA 5
Youngest White House resident since CarolineSASHA 5
Obama in the White HouseSASHA 5

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