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Answer ROADS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

PathsROADS 5
BywaysROADS 5
DrivesROADS 5
CoursesROADS 5
StreetsROADS 5
There are four hidden in this puzzle, which together suggest a familiar five-word saying (3,5,4,2,4)ROADS 5
Word that goes in either blank in the classic movie quote "___? Where we're going we don't need ___"ROADS 5
Ones running shoulder to shoulder?ROADS 5
They may be less traveledROADS 5
They may have soft shouldersROADS 5
Where forks may be foundROADS 5
Diverging sylvan paths, in a Frost poemROADS 5
Last word of the movie "Back to the Future"ROADS 5
Arteries with shouldersROADS 5
Burma and othersROADS 5
Camino, iter, etc.ROADS 5
City planner's concernROADS 5
Cloverleaf partsROADS 5
Construction projectsROADS 5
Freeways, for instanceROADS 5
Highways and byways with 5 letters
Highways and bywaysROADS 5
Lines on maps, perhapsROADS 5
Many have shouldersROADS 5
Milieux for some hogsROADS 5
Places for forksROADS 5
Places for some coachesROADS 5
Places to find forksROADS 5
Place to ride at anchorROADS 5
Some have mediansROADS 5
Speed trap sitesROADS 5
They can have forksROADS 5
They have shouldersROADS 5
They may have forksROADS 5
They support trafficROADS 5
Traffic arteriesROADS 5
Transportation networkROADS 5
Wilderness encroachersROADS 5
They all lead to Rome, in a sayingROADS 5
They all lead to Rome, it's saidROADS 5
They all lead to Rome, they sayROADS 5
All of them lead to Rome, they sayROADS 5
These could be "Yellow Brick" or "Copperhead"ROADS 5
Anchorage areasROADS 5
ArteriesROADS 5
Bump sitesROADS 5
ConcoursesROADS 5
Country waysROADS 5
Fork optionsROADS 5
Fork settingsROADS 5
FreewaysROADS 5

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