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Answer RENOVATE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Do up/ restore (a house)RENOVATE 8
Put in some new fixtures, sayRENOVATE 8
Tear down the walls, perhapsRENOVATE 8
Do a decorator's jobRENOVATE 8
Give a face-liftRENOVATE 8
Give a home a makeoverRENOVATE 8
Prune, as old shrubsRENOVATE 8
Do-over?RENOVATE 8
Fix (up)RENOVATE 8
Give a new faceRENOVATE 8
Make goodRENOVATE 8
Make like newRENOVATE 8
Make newRENOVATE 8
Make new againRENOVATE 8
Make overRENOVATE 8
ModerniseRENOVATE 8
ModernizeRENOVATE 8
OverhaulRENOVATE 8
RefurbishRENOVATE 8

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