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Answer REID – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Common sense" philosopher ThomasREID 4
"Criminal Minds" agent with an I.Q. of 187REID 4
"Criminal Minds" genius Dr. Spencer ___REID 4
"American Pie" actress TaraREID 4
"American Pie" star TaraREID 4
"Spring Song" authorREID 4
Founder of the "philosophy of common sense"REID 4
Frist's successor as majority leaderREID 4
Senate majority leader since 2007REID 4
Senator who was once chairman of the Nevada Gaming CommissionREID 4
Angle vanquisher in 2010REID 4
Whitelaw ___, journalistREID 4
Assistant majority leader HarryREID 4
Angle's opponentREID 4
Flag designer: 1818REID 4
Frist's successorREID 4
Tara in the tabloidsREID 4
Tara of tabloidsREID 4
Victoria's physicianREID 4
Wallace of silentsREID 4
Wallace of the silents with 4 letters
Wallace of the silentsREID 4
Daschle's successor as Senate minority leaderREID 4
Nevada politician HarryREID 4
Senate majority leader HarryREID 4
Senate minority leader HarryREID 4
Secret identity of the Green Hornet and the Lone RangerREID 4
Britt ___, a.k.a. the Green HornetREID 4
Frist's successor as Senate majority leaderREID 4
Tony-winning actress BerylREID 4
Newspaper publisher Whitelaw ___REID 4
Journalist/diplomat WhitelawREID 4
Picture book artist BarbaraREID 4
Nevada senatorREID 4
Journalist Whitelaw ___REID 4
Old-time actor Wallace ___REID 4
Britt, the Green HornetREID 4
Australian Prime Minister Sir GeorgeREID 4
Democratic Minority Leader HarryREID 4
Actor/director TimREID 4
Nevada senator HarryREID 4
Senator HarryREID 4
Tara or HarryREID 4
Australian MP Sir GeorgeREID 4
Tim of WKRP in CincinnatiREID 4
Tim of "WKRP"REID 4
Publisher WhitelawREID 4
Vernon of Living ColourREID 4
He played Flytrap on "WKRP in Cincinnati"REID 4
He played Venus FlytrapREID 4
Geologist Harry Fielding ___REID 4

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