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Answer REEL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

DanceREEL 4
LurchREEL 4
SpoolREEL 4
BobbinREEL 4
TeeterREEL 4
TotterREEL 4
Waver?REEL 4
WinderREEL 4
WobbleREEL 4
*Angler's equipmentREEL 4
"Stagger ___"REEL 4
SpinnerREEL 4
"Sell Out" band ___ Big FishREEL 4
"Sell Out" ___ Big FishREEL 4
Good spot for an editor to wind up a filmREEL 4
Highlight ___ (greatest hits for athletes)REEL 4
The hero usually triumphs in the final oneREEL 4
Contents of a large, round, flat canREEL 4
Fail the sobriety test, in a wayREEL 4
Part of piscatorial paraphernaliaREEL 4
Suffer the effects of a haymaker with 4 letters
Suffer the effects of a haymakerREEL 4
Virginia ___ (dance with two lines)REEL 4
About 2,000 feet of filmREEL 4
A line winds in and out of itREEL 4
Angler's favorite dance?REEL 4
Attachment on a fishing rodREEL 4
Betray drunkenness, in a wayREEL 4
Device used in winding yarnREEL 4
Film projectionist's unitREEL 4
Film segment, once upon a timeREEL 4
It may wind up on a dockREEL 4
It might give you a lineREEL 4
It might wind up on a boatREEL 4
It might wind up on a dock?REEL 4
It might wind up on a lake?REEL 4
It might wind up on a pierREEL 4
It might wind up on shoreREEL 4
Not walk a straight lineREEL 4
Part of a fisherman's gearREEL 4
Part of a fly fisherman's gearREEL 4
Part of an angler's gearREEL 4
Piece of fly-casting equipmentREEL 4
React to an uppercut, perhapsREEL 4
Readily recite, with "off"REEL 4
Recite quickly, with "off"REEL 4
Recite rapidly, with "off"REEL 4
Revolving spool with a handleREEL 4
Rock from a sock or a shockREEL 4
Set of blades on a mowerREEL 4
Virginia ___ (country dance)REEL 4

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