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Answer RAF – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1941 film "A Yank in the ___"RAF 3
"Per ardua ad astra" org.RAF 3
"Luftwaffe" foe (abbr.)RAF 3
"So few," of fameRAF 3
"Battle of Britain" grp.RAF 3
"So few," to W.S.C.RAF 3
"Their Finest Hour" fighters (abbr.)RAF 3
"The Few" of the U.K.RAF 3
"A Yank in the ___" (1941 movie)RAF 3
"A Yank in the ___" (1941 war film)RAF 3
"A Yank in the ___" (1941)RAF 3
"A Yank in the ___" (1941 film)RAF 3
Org. whose emblem features an eagle and a crownRAF 3
Org. with group captains and pilot officersRAF 3
Org. concerned with national defenceRAF 3
Org. with a targetlike mark on its flagRAF 3
Brit. aces of the 1940'sRAF 3
Churchill's military "few"RAF 3
Churchill's "so few," for shortRAF 3
Dam-busting grp. of 1943RAF 3
Few who did much for many with 3 letters
Few who did much for manyRAF 3
Flight lieutenant's org.RAF 3
Luftwaffe battlers (abbr.)RAF 3
Luftwaffe foe, for shortRAF 3
Luftwaffe opponent (abbr.)RAF 3
Org. involved in the gulf warRAF 3
Spitfire fliers, brieflyRAF 3
Spitfire fliers, for shortRAF 3
Mil. branch whose slogan was "Per Ardua ad Astra"RAF 3
Brit. armed serviceRAF 3
Brit. fighting branchRAF 3
Brit. flying forceRAF 3
Brit. flying groupRAF 3
British bomber grp.RAF 3
British bombers' gp.RAF 3
British defense armRAF 3
British flying gp.RAF 3
British flying grp.RAF 3
British mil. armRAF 3
British mil. branchRAF 3
British mil. fliersRAF 3
British mil. groupRAF 3
British military org.RAF 3
British mil. serviceRAF 3
British mil. unitRAF 3
British pilots: abbr.RAF 3
British pilots' grp.RAF 3
Brit. mil. branchRAF 3
Brit. mil. heroesRAF 3
Brit's air forceRAF 3

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