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Answer RABBI – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"___ a Spell on You" (1956 hit)RABBI 5
"My master," in HebrewRABBI 5
"My teacher," in HebrewRABBI 5
"Fiddler on the Roof" characterRABBI 5
"Friday the ___ Slept Late": KemelmanRABBI 5
"My teacher" in Tel AvivRABBI 5
One of three people walking into a bar, in jokesRABBI 5
One of three people walking into a bar, in many a jokeRABBI 5
Official traditionally seen in a black hatRABBI 5
One may stand next to the cantorRABBI 5
One of three who walked into a bar?RABBI 5
One of three who walk into many bars?RABBI 5
Priest and minister's cohort, in jokesRABBI 5
Amateur sleuth who slept lateRABBI 5
Character in many a jokeRABBI 5
Dispute settler in a kibbutzRABBI 5
Kitchen supervisor, sometimesRABBI 5
Mideast spiritual leaderRABBI 5
One who keeps things kosher?RABBI 5
Person who keeps things kosherRABBI 5
Yeshiva graduate, perhaps with 5 letters
Yeshiva graduate, perhapsRABBI 5
Bar mitzvah figureRABBI 5
Bar mitzvah officialRABBI 5
Bar mitzvah officiantRABBI 5
Bar mitzvah officiatorRABBI 5
Bar mitzvah participantRABBI 5
Bar mitzvah partyRABBI 5
Bar mitzvah presiderRABBI 5
Bris participantRABBI 5
Cantor's coworkerRABBI 5
Cleric in many a jokeRABBI 5
Congregation leaderRABBI 5
Figure in many jokesRABBI 5
Hebrew for "my master"RABBI 5
He keeps it kosher?RABBI 5
Jewish religious leaderRABBI 5
Jewish spiritual leaderRABBI 5
Kemelman's detectiveRABBI 5
Kibbutz counselorRABBI 5
Literally, "my master"RABBI 5
Mentor, in copspeakRABBI 5
Ordained teacherRABBI 5
Religious leaderRABBI 5
Religious teacherRABBI 5
Seminary graduateRABBI 5
Spiritual leader?RABBI 5
Synagogue clericRABBI 5
Synagogue figureRABBI 5
Synagogue leaderRABBI 5
Synagogue officialRABBI 5

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