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Answer PURR – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"___ myself to sleep . . . ": TwainPURR 4
MurmurPURR 4
"That feels good," to a tabbyPURR 4
"I'm happy" in the Siamese?PURR 4
"That feels good" in Siamese?PURR 4
"I'm happy" in Siamese?PURR 4
Cat's "please continue scratching behind my ears"PURR 4
Cat sound found in the answer at 17-AcrossPURR 4
Contented kitten's soundPURR 4
Expression of contentmentPURR 4
Music to a cat lover's earsPURR 4
One sound of contentmentPURR 4
Result of some heavy petting?PURR 4
Result of tummy rubbing?PURR 4
Run like a charm, as an enginePURR 4
Run smoothly, as an enginePURR 4
Satisfied serval's soundPURR 4
Show contentedness, perhapsPURR 4
Siamese sign of contentmentPURR 4
Siamese sound of contentmentPURR 4
Smooth-running engine sound with 4 letters
Smooth-running engine soundPURR 4
Sound from a contented catPURR 4
Sound from a contented kittyPURR 4
Sound from a cuddled kittyPURR 4
Sound from a sex kitten?PURR 4
Sound heard in a clowderPURR 4
Sound like a well-tuned enginePURR 4
Sound of a cat or enginePURR 4
Sound of a contented catPURR 4
Sound of a fine-tuned enginePURR 4
Sound of a well-tuned enginePURR 4
Well-oiled machine noisePURR 4
What gentle strokes may producePURR 4
Cat or engine soundPURR 4
Cat or motor soundPURR 4
Contented cat's commentPURR 4
Contented cat soundPURR 4
Contented cat's soundPURR 4
Contented kitty's soundPURR 4
Contented murmurPURR 4
Contented tabby soundPURR 4
Contentment soundPURR 4
Desirable engine soundPURR 4
Good engine soundPURR 4
Good motor soundPURR 4
Happy cat's soundPURR 4
Happy tabby soundPURR 4
Himalayan productionPURR 4
Kittenish commentPURR 4
Kitten's commentPURR 4

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