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Answer PUN – Crossword Puzzle Solver

20-, 39- or 53-Across, sayPUN 3
86-Across, e.g.PUN 3
''Don't be fuelish,'' for onePUN 3
''Pick a cod, any cod,'' e.g.PUN 3
''I can't ride my bike. It's two tired,'' e.g.PUN 3
''Plain fair,'' for onePUN 3
"Doing a crossword with a broken pencil is pointless," for examplePUN 3
"Some nylons will give you a run for your money," e.g.PUN 3
"My bike won't go because it's two tired," e.g.PUN 3
"A seven-day diet makes one weak," e.g.PUN 3
"Sticks float; they wood" is onePUN 3
"I'd like to study philosophy, but I just Kant," e.g.PUN 3
"I threw away my golf shoes when I got a hole in one," e.g.PUN 3
"The lowest form of humor," per Samuel JohnsonPUN 3
"Canoe row a boat?" is onePUN 3
"Cunning linguist," e.g.PUN 3
"Don't be fuelish," e.g.PUN 3
"New kid on the blog," e.g.PUN 3
"Poultry in motion," e.g.PUN 3
"Thyme on my hands," e.g.PUN 3
"Whirred play," for example with 3 letters
"Whirred play," for examplePUN 3
"Treat homonyms as synonyms": Walter RedfernPUN 3
"My bike won't stand up. It's two tired," e.g.PUN 3
"When the smog clears in California, UCLA," e.g.PUN 3
"Dollars, taxes," e.g., for Dallas, TexasPUN 3
"Let us spray," e.g.PUN 3
"Queen of denial," e.g.PUN 3
"Whirled peas" is onePUN 3
"Shoot first, ask Christian Slater," for onePUN 3
"Queen of denial" for Queen of the NilePUN 3
"Frank and Ernest" or "Hi and Lois"PUN 3
"Abel was I ere I saw Cain," e.g.PUN 3
"Maid in Japan," e.g.PUN 3
"Cherry Garcia," e.g.PUN 3
"Miró, Miró, on the wall," e.g.PUN 3
"Ugh, German sausage is the wurst," e.g.PUN 3
"The Santa Clause," for onePUN 3
"The HarBowl," e.g.PUN 3
Crossword clue that might end with a question markPUN 3
Knock-knock joke punchline, usuallyPUN 3
Knock-knock joke's punch line, usuallyPUN 3
Many a comic strip character's namePUN 3
Many a puzzle clue ending in "?"PUN 3
So-called "lowest form of humor"PUN 3
Something that may not be intendedPUN 3
Crossword answer, at timesPUN 3
Crossword clue, at timesPUN 3
Cruciverbalist's specialtyPUN 3
Essence of a knock-knock jokePUN 3
Essence of many a punch linePUN 3

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