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Answer PISTACHIO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Hard-to-eat-just-one itemPISTACHIO 9
Green ice cream flavorPISTACHIO 9
Ice cream flavorPISTACHIO 9
Ice-cream parlor choicePISTACHIO 9
Nutty ice cream flavorPISTACHIO 9
Yellow-green shadePISTACHIO 9
Cashew cousinPISTACHIO 9
Cashew's cousinPISTACHIO 9
Green ice creamPISTACHIO 9
Ice cream nut?PISTACHIO 9
Snack nutPISTACHIO 9
Yellowish greenPISTACHIO 9
Nutty Professor's ice cream preference?PISTACHIO 9
Nutty Professor's choice?PISTACHIO 9

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